Updating the Richmond Theater Fire on Wikipedia

Perhaps you’re more of the tech type. Me? Not so much. But this was a momentous cyber week for me: I wrote my first blog post this week and also made my first corrections to wikipedia. (I also ordered a few pairs of trousers online, but that’s not so special.)

Wikipedia’s page on the Richmond Theater Fire is……meh. But it’s something, and I am quite sure that it gets more attention than anything else about the fire on the web. (Except the current headliner on google: an undated transcribed newspaper article on a blog that leans Confederate.) So I added a few paragraphs and fixed some errors. Getting in their and editing a wikipedia entry apparently makes me a freak of nature, since only 13% of contributers to wikipedia are women.

If you write or blog about a historical topic, it is in your best interest for any related wikipedia pages to be accurate, thorough, and point readers to trustworthy references. In my case, I would like this site and my book on the Richmond Theater fire to be on the radar of folks interested in the fire. I’d also like to steer them away from less trustworthy material that’s floating around (see aforementioned undated news article). Wikipedia isn’t as user-friendly as it could be, but making corrections is very doable. There are instructions on the wikipedia website and also video tutorials online. So don’t be afraid to “bring your crumb to the table,” whatever your historical passion.