Banner Lecture at Virginia Historical Society!

courtesy the Library of Virginia

Just booked! I’m so pleased to have been invited to give a Banner Lecture at the VHS at the end of 2012! There will also be a booksigning in the museum shop immediately following the event. The lecture will also be posted on the VHS website, so those who miss the actual lecture will still be able to see it. I will of course post when it’s available later this year. Technology is marvelous. Please see my events page for more information.

If you’re a history nerd, you may be interested to know that previous distinguished historians who have been Banner Lecturers include┬áSimon Schama, Lorena Walsh,┬áMarie Tyler-McGraw, Helen Rountree, Ira Berlin, and Thomas E. Buckley, S.J. Also James Horn, Melvin Ely, Rhys Isaac, and Scott Nelson, professors from my graduate program at William & Mary.