Special Delivery: My BOOKS!

My chatty UPS man dropped off 3 boxes of books today to my house. And they were my book! The Richmond Theater Fire, shipped from the distributor. How amazing to finally get a chance to hold this hardcover volume in my hands.

My first thought was that I love the way they designed the jacket. It has this wonderful background that looks like an aged, possibly burned chapbook. And the font choices and design on the inside are also really sharp. I suppose I’ve been staring at the manuscript so long on a computer screen or in a cheap three-ring binder that I can hardly believe this professional product I’m looking at.

And the best part is the generous praise on the back jacket by the two historians who reviewed it. I actually hadn’t seen their full write-ups until today. Warmed the old heart and validated all those hours I’ve spent squinting at a microfiche reader in archive rooms.

Wait, I know her!

Even the spine looks cool. Trust me.






At any rate, I’m just excited to see the final product. And I’m very, very proud of it. Also grateful to all the people who have helped me, referred me to enlightening resources, cheered me on, babysat the kids so I could write a few sentences in silence, faked sustained interest as I talked about my “dead friends” from two centuries ago, and have believed in this project for the last six years. Thank you from my heart.

This, of course, means that copies will be available very soon in stores/ online for ordering from the retailer of your choice, should you be interested. (And I assume you might be, since you’re hanging out here.) There’s  LSU Press itselfAmazon the monolithBarnes & Noble, or the indie fave, Powell’s. It’s cheapest at Amazon, of course. (I don’t care where you get it as long as you don’t take a copy and run.) You can even get it as an electronic version for Kindle, at less than half of the hardcover price. Thanks for your support and interest!