Using the “Richmond Theater Fire” book for a class?

Yes, professor, you might consider it! Although The Richmond Theater Fire was written to appeal to a general audience, it passed through the rigorous review process of an academic press and is completely suitable for use in an academic class in the history of theatre, American religion, architecture, or Virginia. An added benefit? It is actually readable. Historian Kathryn Fuller-Seeley calls it “totally engrossing, a real page turner.”

And what do professors think who are using it? Dr. James Whittenburg (who was one of my advisors at William & Mary) assigned it for a history course and reported “my seminar [students] were much taken with the two chapters of your new book that they read in preparation for our trip to the Marshall House, the Wickham House, and Monumental Church…”  And Alyson Taylor-White, who teaches  a “Hello Richmond” course at the University of Richmond wrote after receiving a copy: “The book will prove to be pivotal to the next class because from now on, your work will be required reading!”