1st Amazon Review…and it’s 5 stars!

Well, The Richmond Theater Fire has its very first review on Amazon.com.

It’s five stars, and in case you were wondering, no, I don’t know the reviewer! (He’s part of Amazon’s invitation-only review team.) Here’s an excerpt:

With expert skill and story telling ability author Meredith Henne Baker takes us on a tour of early Richmond and the theater setting. As you are reading you almost feel like you are in the cramped areas looking for a way out…

Don’t be fooled by this being a university press title. While the scholarship and research are there (over 40 pages of notes and a 17 page bibliography loaded with primary sources) this is a highly readable work. I would rank it alongside Norman MacLean’s classic Young Men and Fire as a must read for those interested in books dealing with fire disasters… This is highly recommended for those interested in early Richmond or Virginia history, early American religious growth, disaster literature, or anybody who likes good solid non-fiction.