WETA’s “InReads” blog features Richmond Theater Fire book

Washington DC’s influential public radio and television presence WETA has featured my Richmond Theater Fire book on their InReads blog today! And yes, that’s WETA sticker I’m sporting on the back of my Ford–I’m a supporter and a big fan. (Try their streaming classical channel.)

And I’m glad I found InReads. They feature interesting cultural and media-related articles and highlight literary goings-on in the nation’s capital–here’s what they’re about in their own words:

inReads still reviews traditional books in nontraditional ways; we highlight enhanced e-books and new technologies; we interview writers and artists at the forefront of innovative literary endeavors; we feature other art forms and their relationships to reading; we discuss how phenomena like Twitter are influencing us culturally. We’re also multimedia—mixing video, audio, text, and images.

inReads is a production of WETA, the Washington DC public television, media and radio entity, and the producer of such notable works as the films of Ken Burns, In Performance at the White House and Washington Week with Gwen Ifill and National Journal.  Our dedicated inReads staff and many contributors will help the conversation along, but the community members really steer it.