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Richmond Theater Fire documentary

a screen shot from an upcoming documentary on the Richmond Theater fire

“Richmond’s Theater Fire: The Movie”?

I’ve long thought that the 1811 Richmond Theater fire would make for a great movie or a documentary. It has it all:  ill-fated romance, bravery, daring escapes, tragedy, and even comedic moments.  There’s a backdrop of wealth and glaring social inequality, and let’s not forget to mention great costuming potential. It’s the Regency era, after all, with Beau Brummel dandies and Jane Austen gowns. And how about those charming accents?

I am happy to announce that finally someone is going to tell this fascinating tale on film! Talented professional videographer (and Richmond native) Darryl Johnson is putting together a short documentary about the Richmond Theater fire. (It’s a project for a program at Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts.) He interviewed me a week ago as a subject matter expert; screen shot above. Next he was going to Richmond to take some footage of the Monumental Church and do a few more interviews. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

(American Experience, are you paying attention?:)