January 20th, 2015: Richmond Shakespeare/Henley St Theatre to Perform Plays from 12/26/1811

Henley Street Theatre and Richmond Shakespeare will be performing readings from the set of plays that were heard the night that the Richmond Theater burned in 1811 on Tuesday evening, January 20th at 7pm.

That historic night in 1811 was a turning point in Virginia history and the greatest urban tragedy of that time. Now those interested in Virginia’s fascinating past can experience the sounds of that evening on the very site of the fire. The readings will be performed at Monumental Church on Broad Street, which was constructed over the remains of the theater fire victims.  The last time I know of one of these plays being performed in Richmond was 1933, so this is truly a once in a lifetime event!

Join us for the performance and a discussion afterwards, featuring Gregg Kimball of the Library of Virginia, Emily Davis of HRF, the director Melissa Rayford, and the cast. I will also be on the panel and can’t wait for this incredibly unique and historic performance!

Press release here: Henley Street Theatre and Richmond Shakespeare – The Theatre Fire

Henley Street Theater 1811 Production