RTF Book in Latest Issue of Marquee Magazine!

The Theatre Historical Society of America‘s quarterly journal, Marquee, focuses its latest issue on Richmond Theaters. Of course you can’t write about Richmond Theater without mentioning the 1811 Theater fire, and they give it its due in a very nice article. The author features a quote from me and very graciously directed her readers to my book and website for more information on the event. Thank you, Theatre Historical Society!


BTW, their annual “Conclave” meeting will be held in Richmond this month (6/23-28), and you can find more information about it here. They host a Virginia theater tour over several days that ventures to sites of dramatic importance from Staunton to Norfolk to Washington, D.C.

Have some more questions about what the Theatre Historical Society does? Based in Elmhurst, IL, they do a great deal to preserve the historical record, and have an archive (partially online) composed of “photographs, negatives, slides, postcards, artists’ renderings, scrapbooks, books, periodicals, business records, blueprints and architectural drawings, supplier and trade catalogs, architectural artifacts, theatre furnishings, ushers’ uniforms, and numerous other items our collections relating to theatre buildings and their cultural and social history.” They host educational programs and tours, fund fellowships, give a book award, and collaborate on museum exhibits.