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A William & Mary Welcome

William and Mary Libraries rolled out the red carpet for a Seawell series book talk with me and Rachel Beanland this October, moderated by W&M creative writing prof & award-winning novelist Brian Castleberry. Thanks to @wmlibraries and Swem Special Collections for being a place where people are welcomed to engage with real, problematic, fascinating histories. Swem also served a gorgeous spread and had cool archival materials out. Just a top-notch event!

The Flat Hat newspaper covered it here:

"Castleberry was fascinated by their great effort to bring this historical event back to life.

“Their two books opened up that era for me,” Castleberry said. “Especially Meredith’s, you know, really do resound with so many aspects of what life was like around this time. The way they were talking about it, I feel like is really true.”"

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