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An Emmy Award!

The CBS 6 team in Richmond came home from the 64th Capital Emmys with 17 awards, and one of them was for the feature on the Richmond Theater Fire!

Chesapeake Heritage — News Feature

"The Richmond Theatre Fire: I don’t know if anyone driving by knows what happened on this site.”

Greg McQuade, Reporter

Curtis Akers, Photographer

Kaci Taylor, Producer

That's me during an interview for this feature (above), showing how flakes of ash rained onto the stage. The Library of Virginia was an excellent host for this feature, and I really enjoyed interviewing with Greg's team and walking through some of the rare artifacts from the fire (picture below). If you missed it, catch it here!

...So if I make the stretch to include this as an Emmy win, that means I'm 25% of the way to my EGOT, right?

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